Ways to convince a Skeptic…


Part of my job is to experiment with new ideas and to structure it into a process so that the idea ensures better efficiency at work. En-route this process I deal with people, end users and decision makers, who evaluate the proposal and critique it.

More often than not, most proposals are turned down on grounds that are not technical. No matter how convinced and clear cut the proposal is, I have realized that few people inadvertently are sceptical because of limitations, either of knowledge or finance or anything in-between, on their end.


Bottom line is that swaying a person to accept an idea is tough, especially if he or she is a skeptic. To overcome their cynicism, I have learned that I need to adjust my style.

Here are four ways to influence a non-believer:  Continue reading “Ways to convince a Skeptic…”

Masses rejoice at the lack of Wisdom

Continued from previous blog post "WISDOM runs aground" 


An unceremonious tug-o-war led to sudden departure of Wisdom from the shores of Maximum City. With Wisdom gone… thick black clouds cover the city today and people are wondering whether to worry about the weather anymore since high tide does not endanger the pau-bhaji and gola stalls any more. Few weeks earlier when Wisdom came, masses were ignorant of the dangers of the mega-structure just opposite JW Marriot (Juhu Wala Marriot). The ignorant masses, as always, rejoice at the lack of Wisdom (no pun intended). Continue reading “Masses rejoice at the lack of Wisdom”

33 Lessons taught by life and by best friends

Are you living today better than you did yesterday?

This is one of my favorite questions and one we should ask ourselves from time to time.  It allows us to really pinpoint what is working and what is not, what life lessons we have learned, what progress we have made, and what more we need to learn and unlearn.

We are all aware that life is a journey and our goal should be to take as many steps as we can in the right direction. To know that despite the fact that we may make mistakes along the way, when we look back on where we have been, we will be able to see just how far we have come.  Our views and beliefs are more developed, our understanding of our purpose is becoming clearer, and overall we are just living today in a better way than we did yesterday.  We are learning from the life lessons that have come our way.

Here is the list of 33 lessons that life and my best friends have taught me. The list is not exhaustive and the lessons have no particular priority. Continue reading “33 Lessons taught by life and by best friends”

Wasting time in the pursuit of happiness!?

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” ~Socrates

At times I get so involved in exploring a new idea that time passes quicker than it generally does. More often than not, I do not reach the intended crux of the new idea. Any wild exploration is  a meandering journey taking unexpected dips and turns… eventually leading to finding the new idea (good scenario) or finding something unexpected (will-do scenario) or finding nothing at all (dammit!)! At the end of such explorations I wonder whether the idea was really worth the time spent on it? Would it have been better to delegate the exploration to someone who has a better grasp of the idea? Shouldn't I be doing more meaningful structured tasks? Am I really up to writing a blog? Wouldn't it be better to write content for someone and get paid instead?

As I ponder over these time-spans not so well spent, my first impulse was to think of it as something negative — Wasted Time! But was time really wasted? Continue reading “Wasting time in the pursuit of happiness!?”

My Shrinking Purse – The Curse of Appreciating Rupee! (Understanding Exchange Rate and its effect on Income)

Since few who read this blog earn in currency other than Rupee or have earned at some point in their lives in a currency other than Rupee, I wonder if exchange rate fluctuation has caused anxiety to you.

Since a part of my earnings is in US Dollars and expenditure is in Rupees; and since the Rupee has been appreciating for the past one year while Inflation is running on a high…my purchasing power has taken a hit on 2 counts:

–    My income has reduced because as an exporter of services, I do not earn as much as I used to because of appreciating Rupee.

–    My expenditure has increased because for a Rupee spent on a purchase, I need more Rupees today for the same purchase because the price of same goods/services has now inflated.

My Purse has Shrunk! I call this loss “The Curse of Appreciating Rupee”. I empathize with all of you who now realize that even your purse has shrunk a little.

Today allow me to cursorily surf through the dynamics of exchange rate and how it affects our income. Continue reading “My Shrinking Purse – The Curse of Appreciating Rupee! (Understanding Exchange Rate and its effect on Income)”

Maintenance for the Mind

These days I walk to work. I take the overhead walkway and incidentally have to walk opposite to the direction people are taking. I love this because it gives me the feeling of going against the tide with confidence and courage of taking in stride whatever is coming on. But I love this more because I get to see faces of so many people…most of whom are pretty tensed about something. Probably few are anticipating a frustrating day, some are contemplating filing taxes, some listening to sad news of another disaster somewhere, and some may be tensed about getting a raise. With the wonders of technology and high-speed interaction amongst all, most people find it more and more difficult to keep our mental machinery chugging away at optimum performance. Continue reading “Maintenance for the Mind”