The “Unusual” Poster-Boys


Posters have been an integral part of our lives now. We see many at the billboards – some selling products, some propagating a message and rest for everything else. Typically most posters have a brand ambassador aka Poster-Boy. Most of us, including ‘Yours Truly’, connect with few of these Poster-Boys because of the trust one has in the Poster-Boy’s persona, ability and/or sincerity. Today I write in honour of the 2 “unusual” poster-boys who have influenced my life and whom I have put high up in the billboard in my mind. Continue reading “The “Unusual” Poster-Boys”

HIS Hand over our Head!


  April is a very sacred month. So many cultures celebrate the beginning of new year this month. Schools are shut for vacations. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold. People travel and meet friends, relatives, strangers and they experience new things… My family too traveled from across India to be in Mumbai to celebrate my son’s 1st birthday, Baishaki Festival, my mother’s 61st birthday, my son’s mundan ceremony – all of these on April 12th and 13th.

Before I write more, may I bring context to this article – Blessed is the Head which has HIS hand over him! Continue reading “HIS Hand over our Head!”


Many of us who will get to read this are blessed. We have food on the table, decent clothes to wear and roof over our heads… everyday. We have interesting friends, happy families and wonderful colleagues… perennially. We laugh, share our joys and have a life… continually. We aspire, we dream, we achieve our small goals… unceasingly. In short, We Are Blessed! Continue reading “Compassion”