“Getting the Job Done” – An issue to ponder on

These days most of us rush to ‘get things done’, often multitasking in some desperate attempt to make life efficient and productive, both at work and at home. Most people are told or choose to “get the job done” any which ways!

I think this is a problem. The problem with this is from a learning or transforming perspective where we constantly “do” or “act” and we cannot learn or benefit from our actions and experiences.  Continue reading ““Getting the Job Done” – An issue to ponder on”

Three Steps to Optimism

I like to participate regularly in few online forums and break-time discussions. In almost all of these forums and discussions I have noticed a common pattern – The best ideas are from people who are optimist. By optimist I mean people who have a good feeling about everything and start on a note of cheer and belief.  Such people embrace optimism — inside themselves without any pretence. It is their deep-seated behaviour. It is a gift to understand how to project, share, and inspire with optimism. It is an even greater act of generosity to be inspired by optimism from others and to be willing to receive it.

The capacity to be a natural recipient of ideas and other peoples' optimism is what makes for the ultimate optimist. You may be open to experimenting with new things, but do you truly see the good in something before the bad? The order of this thought process is critical: to try and see everything good in an idea before seeing anything bad. I request that you read the previous line once again…

While most of us like to think we do, and would therefore self-describe ourselves as optimistic, more often (if we are truly honest with ourselves) we are natural critics (even cynics). Continue reading “Three Steps to Optimism”

Wasting time in the pursuit of happiness!?

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” ~Socrates

At times I get so involved in exploring a new idea that time passes quicker than it generally does. More often than not, I do not reach the intended crux of the new idea. Any wild exploration is  a meandering journey taking unexpected dips and turns… eventually leading to finding the new idea (good scenario) or finding something unexpected (will-do scenario) or finding nothing at all (dammit!)! At the end of such explorations I wonder whether the idea was really worth the time spent on it? Would it have been better to delegate the exploration to someone who has a better grasp of the idea? Shouldn't I be doing more meaningful structured tasks? Am I really up to writing a blog? Wouldn't it be better to write content for someone and get paid instead?

As I ponder over these time-spans not so well spent, my first impulse was to think of it as something negative — Wasted Time! But was time really wasted? Continue reading “Wasting time in the pursuit of happiness!?”

Maintenance for the Mind

These days I walk to work. I take the overhead walkway and incidentally have to walk opposite to the direction people are taking. I love this because it gives me the feeling of going against the tide with confidence and courage of taking in stride whatever is coming on. But I love this more because I get to see faces of so many people…most of whom are pretty tensed about something. Probably few are anticipating a frustrating day, some are contemplating filing taxes, some listening to sad news of another disaster somewhere, and some may be tensed about getting a raise. With the wonders of technology and high-speed interaction amongst all, most people find it more and more difficult to keep our mental machinery chugging away at optimum performance. Continue reading “Maintenance for the Mind”

Dealing with ‘Comfort Zone’ aka ‘Inertia’ in complicated decision making.

All of us make decisions everyday and are rather good at it. However, when the parameters get a little twisted, most of us get confused, procrastinate, get worried or stressed, find alibis, etc . Bottom line is most of us "chicken out" when it comes to taking a tough stand! So what should we do to simplify taking a complicated decision? Continue reading “Dealing with ‘Comfort Zone’ aka ‘Inertia’ in complicated decision making.”

The Cocktail of True Success

Sundays are fun. Especially since my little one has now come of age to surprise me with new antics every now and then. His latest antic is using the TV remote and switching between channels!

Last Sunday as he was doing so, he switched on the channel where the celebrated movie “Deewar” was being telecast. He got hooked. I got hooked. Though I have watched the movie several times, I can watch it one more time.

As the movie came to an end, I was enlightened with the formula for “The Cocktail of True Success”. I for sure know now that True Success is attained if one can say that he has all of underneath. Continue reading “The Cocktail of True Success”

HIS Hand over our Head!


  April is a very sacred month. So many cultures celebrate the beginning of new year this month. Schools are shut for vacations. The weather is neither too hot nor too cold. People travel and meet friends, relatives, strangers and they experience new things… My family too traveled from across India to be in Mumbai to celebrate my son’s 1st birthday, Baishaki Festival, my mother’s 61st birthday, my son’s mundan ceremony – all of these on April 12th and 13th.

Before I write more, may I bring context to this article – Blessed is the Head which has HIS hand over him! Continue reading “HIS Hand over our Head!”