Wasting time in the pursuit of happiness!?

“Beware the barrenness of a busy life.” ~Socrates

At times I get so involved in exploring a new idea that time passes quicker than it generally does. More often than not, I do not reach the intended crux of the new idea. Any wild exploration is  a meandering journey taking unexpected dips and turns… eventually leading to finding the new idea (good scenario) or finding something unexpected (will-do scenario) or finding nothing at all (dammit!)! At the end of such explorations I wonder whether the idea was really worth the time spent on it? Would it have been better to delegate the exploration to someone who has a better grasp of the idea? Shouldn't I be doing more meaningful structured tasks? Am I really up to writing a blog? Wouldn't it be better to write content for someone and get paid instead?

As I ponder over these time-spans not so well spent, my first impulse was to think of it as something negative — Wasted Time! But was time really wasted? Continue reading “Wasting time in the pursuit of happiness!?”


Come all ye fair young maidens and harken unto me,

Never trust a cricketer, whoever he may be.

Randier than a sailor who's been six months at sea,

Never let a cricketer's hand an inch above your knee.


First let's take the paceman, pure speed from first to last!

My darlings do be careful; his balls are hard and fast.

Then there's the medium pacer, his balls swing either way;

He's really most persistent and can keep it up all day!  

And watch for the off-spinner, girls, another awkward chap.

If you leave him half an opening, he will slip one through the gap!

Then there's the wily 'slowy', pure cunning is his strength;

He'll tempt you, then he'll trap you with his very subtle length.  

So ladies, do be careful, your mothers would agree.

Never trust a cricketer, whoever he may be.

And what about the opening bat, his struggles never cease!

He has only one ambition, to spend all day at the crease.  

The number three is a dasher, he seldom prods and pokes.

When he goes into action, he has a fine array of strokes…

And do beware the slogger, not content with one or two;

When he arrives at the crease then only six will do.  

Then there's the real stonewaller, girls, he knows what he's about;

And if you let him settle in, it's hard to get him out!

We come now to the last man, I hope this will not shock,

He doesn't mind if he's last man in, as long as he gets a knock.  

So, darlings, do be careful, and be well warned by me:

Never trust a cricketer, whoever he may be.

And watch the wicketkeeper, girls, he's full of flair and dash;

And if you raise your heel, he'll whip them off in a flash.  

If you take the field with the captain, you had better know the score;

Or he'll have you in positions that you never knew before!

The cricket commentator is a nasty sort of bloke,

He watches all the action and describes it stroke by stroke.  

Even the kindly umpire, who looks friendly as a pup;

You'll quickly find you've had it, when he puts his finger up!

Third Umpire is another bright one and not so dumb,

When you are set to play, he will make you come;

All in all UDRS is the deadliest one in the fray;

Seldom seen…never heard…he grabs its prey in re-play.

So, darlings, please remember and repeat it after me: !!!!


Author – Not known.

There are all sorts of creative people…

By virtue of my job and few hobbies, I have the pleasure, at times, of dealing with creative people. Though most of my interactions are lively and I am mostly impressed by whatever creativity is shared, at times it goes beyond my perception, imagination and endurance to tolerate the "creativity". Rather than being critical of such moments, I sit back and enjoy the show. Many a times I have also realized that the creativity that I fail to appreciate is because I do not have the sensibilities to appreciate that particular creativity. It gives me immense pleasure in learning the new outlook as presented to me.

I also like the passion with which people pursue their outlook. I have begun to enjoy the passion as much as the creativity. I guess these are not isolated. Lack of one can compensate for the other.

Again, very often, I see the person whose creativity is on display. I do not know his background much…where he comes from, what hardships he has faced, what is his immediate need, does he himself believe in the idea or is he desperate for attention/money, etc.

I would like to share a short poem I wrote to pacify a discussion in a forum where intolerance of a person's creativity in creating wealth was being touted as 'greed'. Continue reading “There are all sorts of creative people…”