7 Reasons To Love Sachin and 1 Reason To Love “Everyone Else”

Anything I express about Sachin has probably already been written about… however today I have this terrible urge to pen a few words on the Big Master and on “Everyone Else”… even at the risk of being repetitive.

I have very few role models. Almost everyone who is famous is off my role model list… but not Sachin. More than his game, I have loved Sachin for the way he has carried himself through the high and lows of his very public career and private life. I am not a cricket person, I do not follow the sport, till date I have not sat through a single match and I have sporadic knowledge of Sachin’s feats. Having said so, I love Sachin on 7+1 counts.


I cannot recall a single incidence where Sachin has been rude or has bad-mouthed anyone. To be at the top of the game and fame with so much humility is what makes him my idol.


I have never seen him overjoyed or depressed. Happy… Yes. Overjoyed… No. Sad… Yes. Depressed… No. To be in media’s glare and under pressure of shouldering expectations of so many, Sachin’s immense control over his emotions and behavior is what makes him my idol.


What he lacked as an orator, especially in his formative years, is more than compensated in his core competence. To let your skill talk without PR & Marketing gimmicks is what makes him my idol.


Whenever there have been doubts about his capabilities, Sachin’s bat got back quickly with a reply. To not let words blurt out justifications and let alone the bat do the talking without delay speaks of conviction, discipline, faith and self-believe… is what makes him my idol.


To keep pace with the cricketing calendar requires lot of personal sacrifices especially since Sachin started young, stayed away from his family, got married on time and had kids at the right age. To be able to make these sacrifices without compromising performance is what makes him my idol.


Cricket is tainted with controversies, bookies and politics… amongst other ills. To never be associated with whatever is wrong with the game is what makes Sachin my idol.


*Please read the seventh reason in the end after reading ‘1 Reason To Love “Everyone Else”’.

1 Reason To Love “Everyone Else”

But more than any of above, I love Sachin because of “Everyone Else” in his life – “The People” who helped Sachin become Sachin.

I salute everybody in his network who stood by him as his strong support system. People who carried him inch by inch, moment by moment, day by day… for years and years. I salute each of them, the invisible forces and lesser known faces, who aligned their time and energy to make Sachin Sachin. It is the love, sweat, sacrifice, conviction, support, presence, believe, trust of this coterie that got Sachin the love of billions subsequently. It is the contribution of “Everyone Else” that strikes the cord in me.

Some say that he is the chosen one. Some believe it is his hard work. Some credit his middle class upbringing… so on and so forth. I have seen humble skilled hard working sincere promising people with immense talent lose ground, go astray and pale into mediocrity… due to non-existence of “Everyone Else” in their lives.

 The Seventh Reason

I idolize Sachin because of his ability to build and win the trust of “Everyone Else”. Sachin’s good-at-heart-human quality is as priceless as his hard work and skill.


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