Why Managers don’t say “ I do not know… please help me!”?


Ok… now I am confident I qualify to write this post given my experiences as Manager!




While at work as Manager, I have been fortunate to head a department (at some point), work with responsible colleagues and report to senior-management and mix-match of all of these. Through the years, I have – time and again – come across situations where many managers are afraid to utter sentences like "I don't know," "Would you help me?" or "I'm not sure I get it." Somehow, the central believe in failing to admit when one makes a mistake or lacks knowledge is that acceptance will make one less effective. Continue reading “Why Managers don’t say “ I do not know… please help me!”?”

Comfortably Numb @ Work?!


So you may be wondering why you should be even reading this post! –          If you are a successful entrepreneur, read it for the kicks. –          If you are a satisfied employee with a job, read it for the time when you might just need help. –          If you are an unsuccessful entrepreneur, you will need this advise soon. –          If you are at a job that sucks… you have every reason to read this post. Continue reading “Comfortably Numb @ Work?!”

Building Bridges @ Work


The beautiful part of good jobs, apart from the obvious month end pay-checks, is the ability to connect with the end-customer/user and deliver solutions that make a difference in their lives. There is a huge learning curve to ride in such jobs and that by itself is a kicking point for many, including yours truly. However not everyone, especially the end-customer/user, may be ready to join the pleasurable learning curve ride even if it benefits them directly… unless you Build Bridges. Continue reading “Building Bridges @ Work”

How to Accept an Impossible Project


When I was young, not many years ago, my blood used to be hotter & redder and I used to take lot of pride in my projects and deliverables. Now the blood is not so hot…maybe not as red also, but I still take a lot of pride in my projects and deliverables. Additionally now I do things that inspire me because when I'm inspired, I am on a non-intoxicated high every moment every second. Continue reading “How to Accept an Impossible Project”