Maintenance for the Mind

These days I walk to work. I take the overhead walkway and incidentally have to walk opposite to the direction people are taking. I love this because it gives me the feeling of going against the tide with confidence and courage of taking in stride whatever is coming on. But I love this more because I get to see faces of so many people…most of whom are pretty tensed about something. Probably few are anticipating a frustrating day, some are contemplating filing taxes, some listening to sad news of another disaster somewhere, and some may be tensed about getting a raise. With the wonders of technology and high-speed interaction amongst all, most people find it more and more difficult to keep our mental machinery chugging away at optimum performance.

I have been an engineer professionally at an early stage of my career and I know that what the mind needs regularly is a "scheduled maintenance". Like your car, your mind too needs regular care to perform like you need it to. Your brain is precision crafted instrument — there is no substitute to "Planned Regular Maintenance". Here are few routines that one must carry out:


Sleep is a natural healer. Memories are processed and learnings are cataloged during sleep. Body is rejuvenated and sub-conscious talks to conscious. The mind wanders to wonderland to find solutions that never cross the real world. Sleep de-sponges the brain, catalogs the right stuff and prepares the mind to absorb more. 

If you don’t get enough sleep, and you’ll simply not think clearly because information has not cataloged and mind has not de-sponged.


Unlike Sleep, Meditation is about focus. The focused concentration on right now.  It gets your brain functioning in different wave patterns by clearing your thoughts and keeping your mind in the present—not worried about the future, not haunted by the past, but simply focused on right now.

Your brain finds peace in the now – no strings attached, and feel free to relax.

Experience beauty and creativity

Soak in what you find to be beautiful. This is what generations have referred to when they advise us to “stop and smell the roses.” Some find beauty in the purr of an engine, others find it in a baby’s laugh. Some may take a walk, other just need to fly like a hawk. Whether you find beauty in flowers, in a fast pitch at a ball game, or in the grandeur of nature…“experiencing beauty” is the brain’s opportunity to stop and function in a different mode.

"Experiencing Beauty" wows the grey cells and exposes the mind to wonders of the lord – brains responds to purity and "beauty' is purity.

Experience the spiritual

While "beauty" is God's gift, spirituality is the journey into awareness of something beyond the physical and visible.  For some this comes through study of quantum theory while others may experience it in religious worship.

Spirituality is appreciation and awareness of a “higher power", or something bigger or different than all of this and us. It humbles the mind to believe that there is more than the individual and than the cumulative wisdom of mankind. 


Smile is an infection and a good one. It spreads like wild fire and ignites happiness in us and in everything that experiences us. Smile also triggers the right catalyst for the mind to feel buoyant. Know the difference between a "Genuine Smile" and a "Doctored Smile".

Make "Genuine Smile" a habit because it keeps the buoyancy of the mind intact – not only for you but for everyone experiencing you. 


Do nothing. Yes…just sit or lie down and do nothing. Keep no agenda, no deliverables, no targets. Just do nothing. Enjoy the serendipity of the idleness called the "Blank Moment"

Our mind needs time to let go and roam where it may aimlessly. You might <blank> by perusing Facebook or by viewing YouTube.  Some people might just exist for a period of time in front of TV news or comfortably with a rerun of a mindless sitcom.

Idleness produces a sense of calmness and can be useful to let go of the day’s stresses and bygones.

While none of these suggestions are helpful when practiced in excess, they each add to brain health.  So to prevent your brain from pinging or backfiring, give it a maintenance, and your thinking will be clear and smooth.

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