33 Lessons taught by life and by best friends

Are you living today better than you did yesterday?

This is one of my favorite questions and one we should ask ourselves from time to time.  It allows us to really pinpoint what is working and what is not, what life lessons we have learned, what progress we have made, and what more we need to learn and unlearn.

We are all aware that life is a journey and our goal should be to take as many steps as we can in the right direction. To know that despite the fact that we may make mistakes along the way, when we look back on where we have been, we will be able to see just how far we have come.  Our views and beliefs are more developed, our understanding of our purpose is becoming clearer, and overall we are just living today in a better way than we did yesterday.  We are learning from the life lessons that have come our way.

Here is the list of 33 lessons that life and my best friends have taught me. The list is not exhaustive and the lessons have no particular priority.

  1. The only difference between a rainy Monday and a sunny Monday is my perspective.
  2. Goal setting doesn’t end … it just gets bigger, better, audacious.
  3. Fate, Freedom, Fatigue, Failure do not happen by chance.
  4. It’s okay to not know and to accept it publicly.
  5. You can break the bad habit any day in a moment by falling in love with the opposite.
  6. If you have a question and when you are patient, the answers invariably comes.
  7. Be happy walking until you can run… run until you are ready to fly. Our wings are in our minds.
  8. It is unnecessary to prove to other people that you are right.
  9. If your body or spirit is not dancing, you are closer to your grave.
  10. You should either be living your purpose or working every moment to figure out what it is.
  11. Google and Apple's stock price is going to continue to increase for a very long time because originality triumphs.
  12. There is no way around it … you have to do some sort of exercise.
  13. Life is not a competition. Life is a journey… to each its own.
  14. I Live to Learn to become I Am.
  15. Keeping things simple is always the way.
  16. There is nothing and nobody to fear.
  17. Common sense will take you wherever you decide to go.
  18. Being nice to people is the only option. There are so many benefits that stems from it.
  19. Body and mind are flexible like rubber. You can push yourself too hard.
  20. There are usually subtle limiting beliefs that hold you back. Limit is not for you. The universe is ever expanding.
  21. You can shape and create your own reality.
  22. Reading and writing are great things.
  23. Everything changes for better or worse… your perspective decides so.
  24. Baby steps are great, but there is nothing better than a few quantum leaps.
  25. There is good in everyone, you just have to be willing to see it.
  26. Silence really is golden – Silence of the mind, Silence of the body and Silence of the Spirit. Do your thing in silence.
  27. Once you find your purpose, you will know you are always on the right track.
  28. We are all meant to tap into our own creativity … whatever that may mean for us.
  29. You are your best advisor. Your second best advisor is a good night's sleep.
  30. If you look at things from the right perspective, they will always point to at least one truth.
  31. The best growth comes when you are out of your comfort zone.
  32. Smile is infectious and so is Anger. Choose wisely.
  33. There is nothing better than really living and experiencing life.

Please add to this list from experiences from your life and as learned from your best friends..

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  1. Great article!! reminds me of 7 spiritual laws of success by Deepak Chopra.. this list is more comprehensive and easy to refer!! 
    two facts i need to put from my experience.. 1. Always Dream Big, there's no other alternative.. 2. Learn to spend time alone.. self is the best companion.. 

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