3 Ways to Identify Your Unique Skills

Skills are often over-rated and most people fore go innate talents within them. This article tells us how to identify and hone these skills.All of us have at least one disruptive skill — a capability that we are uniquely good at that sets us apart from others. You may have been honing yours for years, or you may be so innately good at it that you don't even notice it. Here are three ways to identify your unique skill:

  1. Watch your reflexes. You may instinctively do what you're good at without even noticing. Ask yourself: when I feel most successful or invigorated, what am I doing?
  2. Look for confluences. A distinct skill may not be one thing, but an unusual intersection of ordinary proficiencies.
  3. Listen to compliments. Peers, managers, direct reports, and even spouses are often good mirrors of your inherent strengths. Don't habitually dismiss compliments, but mine them for your unique skills.

These tips may not help you find your moment of nirvana, but they could help you shape your life.

2 Replies to “3 Ways to Identify Your Unique Skills”

  1. Amit, I have always wanted to comment on your beautiful messages and this will always be a great forum to do so!
    This is another great one for all those who keep looking for excuses to explain why they are not good at anything!
    Keep continuing the great work!

  2. Hi Amit,

    As usual all your “Management Tip & Toe” are excellent. Last week on overworked and lessons from Newton were exceptionally good. Keep up the good job.

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